How to Choose the Best Solar Lightning System?

 A Lighting Protection System is commonly known as (LPS) is basically the system which provides a means or a way by which a lightning discharge may leave or enter the earth without even  passing through and causing any damage electrical equipment, personnel, and non-conducting structures such as buildings and infrastructures. The effective lightning protection system is one of those systems which eliminate all the risks that a person may have to face the difficult situation of lightning. So to overcome this difficulty a lightning protection system must be selected efficiently. Following are the qualities which motivate people to buy cheap solar lightning system in Nairobi.

  • Intercepting lightning flash:

  It is the quality of a lightning system which basically means to create a properly preferred point of strike without causing any sort of damage or harm.

  • Conduct the strike:

Conducting the dangerous lightning strike to the ground safely, this can only be done through conductors which are specifically designed for this purpose.

  • Dissipate the lightning

It should be capable of dissipating the lightning energy into the ground with a minimum rise in ground potential.

  • Eliminating ground loops

It must be able to eliminate ground loops and also the hazardous potential differentials between LPS, structures and internal elements and equipotential ground system.

  • Protection of equipment

The best lightning protection systems protect the entire equipment from transients and surges on the incoming power lines which eventually results in preventing equipment from damage and costly operational downtime.

  • Protection of equipment from surges:

 It should also protect the equipment from surges and transients on incoming telecommunications and signal lines to prevent damage resulting in equipment damage and also prevent costly operational downtime.

  • Thermal damage

The best solar lightning protection system does not cause thermal or mechanical damage to the structure.

  • Protection from sparking:

They are also capable to not cause sparking which may eventually result in fire or explosion. It may also limit touch and step voltages to control all the risk of injury to occupants.

Lightning protection facts

  1. Rods and protection systems don’t attract lightning, nor do they influence where the lightning is going to strike right onto the ground.
  2. Lightning protection systems cannot prevent lightning, nor are they able to ‘discharge’ thunderstorms or any other lightning circumstances.
  3. Lightning protection systems (including placement of rods, groundings, and cables) are custom-designed for individual structures and also require complex engineering to function properly. They can only be installed by qualified contractors.
  4. Lightning protection systems cannot always prevent damage to the electronics. You should always unplug such devices during thunderstorms to ensure protection and safety.

 A lightning protection system’s only function or purpose is to ensure safety of buildings, infrastructures and its occupants if lightning happens to hit it directly, a task is accomplished by providing a good, safe path to ground for all the lightning to follow. Lightning protection systems help people in Nairobi during thunderstorms, so they buy cheap solar lightning system in Nairobi.

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