Does a Lead Acid Battery Can Work For Long Time?

The lead-acid battery was invented in 1859 by Gaston who is the French physicist. This invention brings revolutionary changes and it can compete with modern type batteries. This is one of the best quality oldest batteries that has low cost and make it useful for vehicles as it can easily provide a high current which is need of automobiles. Now you can Buy cheap Lead Acid Battery in Nairobi and get a competitive battery for current storage power use. The standardized and modified version can improve storage time and make it sure to give you the high availability of power supply.

This type of battery can also reduce the maintenance needs and lead acid battery has the best sales account worldwide and has boosting manufacturing deals. With the passage of time different innovative ideas bring improvements in materials and developed techniques that can make our lives more reliable and consistent. The most authentic reason for its popularity is that it is trustworthy and inexpensive and anyone gets it easily.

  • Battery Construction:
  • Inner structure:

These types of batteries are used in RV and Marine industries as it is best for commercial use. The 2.1 volts are produced by each cell for this battery and it fully charged by 12.6 volts. This battery has two plates positive plate that is covered with a paste of lead dioxide and negative plate is made of sponge lead that makes it more consistent and keeps it for a long time. The pure lead alloy is extremely soft that cannot support it simply. The small matter obtains best mechanical strength and improves the electrical properties of the battery.

  • Other Aspects:

The lead acid battery is heavy and also less durable than lithium and nickel-based system but need the equal and sufficient amount of water that makes it long lasting. You need to keep an eye on the correct voltage limits and keep it on lower voltage for better work. On high voltage, it can improve performance but it cans grid corrosion on positive plates.

  • Charging:

The lead acid battery takes full charging 14-16 hours for charging and should constantly be store up at full state-of-charge. The lead acid battery has a moderate life but the charging maintenance is most excellent among other rechargeable batteries. And lead-acid battery discharges energy in 3 months and works brilliantly on cold temperature.

  • Advantages Of Lead Acid Battery:
  • The lead acid battery is simple to manufacture and inexpensive good for commercial use.
  • This will remain a long time, most reliable and valuable technology.
  • The best usage of lead acid battery provide dependable & reputable services and it is also capable of high discharges rate.
  • The lead acid battery is also capable for prolong storage capacity and keep it for a long time.


  • Limitations:
  • The lead acid battery has many environmental issues and can damage without proper maintenance.
  • The lead acid battery has Corrosion Issue and it is weak that can often happen also due to electrolysis or overfilling.
  • The lead acid battery can be damaged by sulfate.

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